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Network Security Monitoring

Our monitoring experts watch your network in real time, checking all data seen for high-risk payloads or suspicious anomalies. Through protocol analysis, content searching and matching, ContentCatcher® can determine attack styles (such as DOS, stealth port scans, buffer overflows, CGI probes, Ransomware, Connections to Command Control Servers and others) and alert when there is a need to react or investigate. More Information

Benefits of ContentCatcher®

  • Significant savings in money from reduced hours spent in security activities by IT staff
  • Increased customer and stakeholder trust that your data is safe
  • Drastically increased security of networks and information at all levels of the organization.
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities 
  • Adaptable security controls to all or selected areas of your business


How we are unique:

  • Delivered as a 100% Managed service: we manage, monitor and maintain everything
  • No Cap-ex, operational cost only (we can do either way if need be)
  • Support Staff – Best response time in the industry
  • Security is “ALL” we do
  • Full Packet Capture – All data seen by the sensor is flushed to disk. In the event of an incident, the data can be recalled and reviewed in full detail.
  • An Extension of your IT staff – why pay someone big bucks to watch, also we will confer with you if you have an upcoming project and give you our opinion from a security perspective
  • No long-term contracts
  • Easy Implementation

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Services ContentCatcher® NSM
24/7 Security Monitoring Yes
Firewall Monitoring Yes
Network Intrusion Detection and Monitoring Yes
Intrusion Detection with Palo Alto® Yes
Router/Switch Monitoring Yes
Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting Yes
Wireless Network Intrusion Detection Yes
Host Intrusion Detection and Monitoring Yes
Technical Support for our services Yes
SPAM Management, Email Filtering and backup Yes

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